13 Specific Influencer Marketing Strategies To Try or Your Brand

13 Specific Influencer Marketing Strategies To Try for Your Brand

Influencer marketing done right is effective. At this point, plenty of brands have employed this strategy to great success.

If you are new to the concept, it is very tempting to lift the strategy of another company and copy it step-by-step.  Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all in influencer marketing. Every niche, product or service warrants a tailor-fitted set of strategies. The biggest mistake you can make is to imitate another business’ model, thinking that you would save yourself time and effort coming up with your own campaign.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of influencer campaigns that you can employ for your brands. Below are thirteen, you can mix and match throughout the duration of your marketing project:


Make it Affordable With Discounts

If your marketing strategy’s main purpose is to drive sales, nothing is more effective than lowering the price and making your product very irresistible. Your discounts and the promos should be too good for your consumers to refuse. Try using a unique code as an incentive for building your newsletter list or generating sale.  When collaborating with an influencers, share an exclusive promo code with a set deadline and track their conversions.  Influencers are great vehicles to get buyers to act on impulse.  

Aside from offering up discount codes, you can also employ an affiliate marketing campaign, by rewarding an influencer with commission for the sales generated through his or her content.  This way your selected influencers are more invested in your brand and will diligently work to drive in more sales by promoting your new products or services to their audience.  With affiliate marketing, you make promos and discounts available to an already interested niche.


Competition and Giveaways

One of the quickest ways to gain brand recall and exposure to your target market is through organizing competition and giveaways. Giveaways are great if your goal is to gain brand awareness, coax an increase in your social media followers, and capture consumer data like contact details to add to your marketing list.

This method is most effective when you collaborate with an influencer. The influencer can facilitate the giveaway in their own social media platforms or website. They can even conduct it on your platforms.

This is the perfect time to be creative. Make the contest and the prize worthwhile – but all within what the law allows!  In other words, keep your giveaways and competition strictly legit and legal.


Long-Term Influencers

If you have vetted the influencers that you would like to work with your brand well, choosing one to represent your company is smart. Especially if the influencer has a large number of followers, being associated with them can drive sales or promote your business.

There are two ways you can work with an influencer – through a one-off collaboration or through a long-term partnership. Long term partnerships work because of the power of repetition and the influencer’s potential to grow their fanbase even further. Likewise, one-off collaborations opens your brand up to a different set of followers every time.


Taking Advantage of the Sponsored Blog Post

Having ambassadors for your brand is smart. However, it doesn’t mean that tappin an influencer on and off doesn’t have any benefits. One of the perks to sponsor blog posts is that they are indexed by search engines which is great for your SEO, visibility and website traffic.  Besides, blog posts have a much longer lifespan than social media posts, which lasts for about 12 hours max-if you’re lucky.  If you are still testing whether an influencer is a good fit, a sponsored blog post is the way to go.

Long-term partnership have a great potential for ROI. However, one-off collaboration peppered in your influencer marketing campaign is also ideal. Tapping multiple bloggers open you up to a new pool of audience every time. Moreover, blog posts have a longer lifespan on search engines. This means that you can reap the benefits of your blog post investment long after it has been published.


Go Big or Go Home: PR Stunt

Staging a PR stunt can truly go either way. A PR stunt isn’t guaranteed to work. However, if you have the right influencers and the most creative concept in tow, staging a PR stunt can create a hype around your brand and accomplish your brand awareness and sales objectives.


Do It With Social Media

Over the last few years, the effect of social media on the buying public has been immense. While it is true that blogs have a longer lifespan than social media posts, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the potential of your social media accounts altogether. After all, people are on Facebook and Twitter for more than they care to admit. Getting your brand out there is a smart way to attract potential patrons.

With that said, there is no reason why you should undermine a simple mention of your brand on an influencers page.  Relatively cost-effective, all you need is to send key influencers a taste of your product and you are good to go.


Plan an Event

Influencer campaigns do not usually employ above the line tactics. However, if you are having trouble finding influencers for your marketing plan, rounding them up on an event makes a lot of sense.  Events are a great way for influencers to become lovey-dovey with your brand and build a community with fellow influencers. An influencer that truly believes in your brand is an effective influencer.

Remember that influencers get invited to a lot of events – so make yours unique.


Hit Two Birds with One Stone: Guest Posting

Despite what you might have heard, content is still king. But this doesn’t mean that it is easy to produce text for a blog post or social media update. Thankfully, you can tap an influencer to guest post on your platforms. Not only would you get the interest of the influencers followers, but you also get to populate your accounts as well. Remember to treat an influencer as you would with a any other freelance writer or photographer. Give credit where credit is due and give them considerable reign on the content that they would produce. This is what they do for a living – trust their skills.  


Let Them Takeover

Similar to guest posting but on a more encompassing way, letting influencers take over your accounts is great for engagement.

This method would drive an influencer’s followers to your website. Collaborating this way produces great content and promotes your brand to your potential audience. For instance, if you are a travel company, tapping the help of lifestyle influencers for 48 hours during a sponsored trip would make would-be customers privy to the kind of services you provide.

Nevertheless, you have to be truly wary about this method. You have to vet your would be influencers properly – they should be the proper fit for your brand’s message.


Impress the With Gifts

If you are tight on budget, gifting influencers with a little taste of your products is the cheapest thing you can do.While there is no guarantee that they would post about your business, there is truly no harm in trying. Because there is no-strings attached, it is a good way to make a devoted fan out of an influencer.


Bring Them In

Contrary to the last method, if you have the budget for a full blown campaign, it makes sense to find a face of the brand that could work solely on your business. Make it known to them that you want to employ their services as say an advisor, creative director, product designer or any other job title that aligns with their skills. Draw inspiration from make-up companies working with popular Youtube make-up gurus and creating capsule collections in collaboration with them.

Moreover, with a new addition to the team, you could expect new ideas and innovations.


Marriage of PR and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not always employed in order to drive sales. For instance, merging an influencer campaign with a PR campaign works best if you are trying to increase awareness or completely change the public’s perception of your brand.

PR practitioners often tap the help of influencers in order to bring awareness or support their most recent campaign or activation. No matter what you use PR for, it should align with your clearly set-out influencer strategy and long term goals.


Test the Waters with Banner Ads

There was a time when influencers received revenue mainly from banner ads. Banner ads are a type of promotional materials that brands with small budgets employ. It works best in conjunction with affiliate marketing.

With the changing times however fewer and fewer personalities have any type of ads in their website. That is not to say that considering banner ads would prove not to be effective. Especially if you are still in the process of choosing, you do not want to blow your marketing budget on an influencer that you are still unsure of. Employing banner ads is an easy way to determine whether the collaboration is a good fit.

Influencer marketing is effective and your brand can definitely use the method in order to increase awareness and drive sales. We do understand that it is daunting to undertake a strategy that is unfamiliar. With the 13 influencer marketing campaign ideas however you need not go through it alone. To learn more, you know where to find the best – only at Mostly Sunny!

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