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4 Types of Influencers You Can Work With

Blogger, vloggers and Instagram celebrities aren’t the only kinds of influencers.

4 Types of Influencers You Can Work With: Blogger, vloggers and Instagram celebrities aren't the only kinds of influencers.

Here at Mostly Sunny, we firmly believe that influencer marketing is the wave of the future. With enough research and ample preparation, this method almost always works. Whether you aim to increase your profits or reach new customers, influencer marketing turns results.

Having said that, it is important to learn more about the type of influencers you can tap for your marketing campaigns. The trend at present is to work with online personalities. However, blogger, vloggers and Instagram celebrities aren’t the only kinds of influencers. There are in fact a few types you can choose from.

OG Influencers – Actors, Athletes, Models and Musicians

Being in the limelight makes actors, athletes and musicians prime examples of traditional influencers.  Because of their fame and the media attention that they get, they are usually tapped by companies in order to become a brand ambassador. They are well-sought out by businesses which means a high pricetag for their services. The investment however usually pays off. Actors, athletes and musicians have a devoted following your brand can take advantage of.

New Breed of Celebrities – Reality TV Stars

What makes reality TV stars influencers is the fact that people are drawn to how ordinary they are. They are relatable and they could easily be a friend or a neighbor. The drawback of choosing a dating show contestant, reality show cast member or a home renovation participant is that their popularity can be short lived. After a season of the Bachelor, contestants might not be relevant anymore.

Leaders of their Fields – Photographers, Authors and Entrepreneurs

Some people become influencers because they achieve success in their chosen field. For instance, Anthony Bourdain and #GirlBoss Sophia Amorouso, aren’t necessarily traditional influencers. But because they have created an empire on their profession, people tend to follow and to listen to their advice.

To the Internet We Go – Bloggers, Vloggers and Social Media Stars

Online personalities are the next wave of influencers. If you think about it, their popularity makes sense. Going to the movies is expensive, having cable is almost obsolete and everyone and their mothers are online. Bloggers and vloggers offer high-quality and informational content all while being approachable and relatable. The content that they offer often leads to a highly devoted following.

Simply put, influencers can prompt their sizable audience to patronize a product or a service. There is no doubt your brand can benefit from doing business with them. Finding it difficult to work with an influencer? Talk to us today and we, at Mostly Sunny, can make it happen for you.

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