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5 Goals You Should Set For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

5 Goals You Should Set For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

You can employ an influencer marketing campaign in order to achieve various goals. But before starting with the planning and reaching out, it is important to figure what you are doing the campaign for. Opting not do so and to employ a generic strategy is bound to fail. If you are small business, you simply cannot afford to invest and not reap the rewards.

There are a few internet marketing goals you can consider for your brand – each with their own KPIs and strategy. Below are just a few you should consider whilst you are in the process of developing your campaign:

Brand Awareness

A business would never be successful if no one knows it exists. So whether you are a new company or an old one launching new products, influencer marketing is a great way to make your presence known.

Brand awareness as an influencer marketing goal is an investment. You should be prepared to give away free services or products or even host an event.

Increase Sales

This is probably the most popular reason why brands make room for an influencer marketing campaign budget. However, while effective, it does take time for influencer marketing to significantly drive sales.

A great way to use influencer marketing to increase sales is through affiliate marketing. You can provide an influencer with a discount code exclusive only to them. If a follower purchases an item or a service, the influencer gets a commission, the customer gets a discount and your profits increase. A win-win-win!

Tap Into a New Audience

After re-branding effort, it is common to shift a brand’s audience. Influencer marketing is effective if you use top-tier influencers to generate buzz for you new target market. You need to invest your time, money, effort and patience in order to get the traction your brand needs.

Increase Following

Having a sizable social media following is an indispensable resource. A page with many followers is deemed credible. Likewise, you get instant feedback from your patrons when they follow you on social media.

In order to grow your following, why not use an influencer in order to host a contest. The influencer you are working with can instruct participants to follow your brand’s social media accounts for a chance to win.

Retain Current Customers

This goal often plays fifth fiddle to the first for influencer marketing goals. However, keeping the customers you already have is just as important as attracting new ones. Their loyalty can translate to unpaid promotion to their families and friends.

You should consider a long term partnership with an influencer if you want to gain a loyal customer following.

Before anything else, your influencer marketing campaign should start with developing your influencer marketing goals. Otherwise, your efforts are bound to fail – and who wants that. Need a little bit of help defining what your goal should be? We gotchu covered. Click on the contact button to reach out to us today.

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