What Social Media Platforms Are Best For You and Your Industry?

The Best Platforms for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Best social media platforms for influencer marketing campaigns

To say that social media platforms are popular nowadays is a huge understatement. Basically, everyone and their mothers are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platforms available. In fact, there seems to be a new one the kids are into every week.

For an old soul trying to keep their brands afloat and in line with trends, tackling social media platforms can be confusing and depressing. To be honest, nobody has time to have an existential crisis while working on building the popularity of a brand.

Thankfully, we hear your pleas. In order to determine the platforms right for your brand, below are a few factors you should consider. As the kids say – gotchu fam.


Best social media platforms for influencer marketing campaigns

Popularity of the Social Media Platform

Imagine you want to promote your band. You print out flyers and posters in order to make people know that you exist and there is a gig. Obviously, putting up these posters and giving out flyers to a ghost town with a population of zero does not make sense.

The whole point of being on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is to be visible to the people you are trying to sell to. This is rendered moot if you choose a sparse platform. Do your research and find out where people flock to online.

That is not to say, your brand should have an account in every social media platform available. There is a new one every week and keeping up with it can be a full-time job. Choose only the platforms that make sense for your business. If you have a fashion brand, Instagram is a perfect fit. Likewise, Pinterest can help you out greatly if you have a food and lifestyle company.

No matter the platform that you choose, it is important to be active and post regularly. If you cannot keep up with the posting, reconsider creating an account.


Demographics and Your Target Audience

Let’s stick with the band metaphor. Let’s say it’s a hardcore heavy metal band, complete with cursing and biting off chicken heads. A gig is coming up and you would want the maximum amount of people to attend. It doesn’t make sense for you to spread the word in a retirement home, a hospital or a church.

The same is true for social media platforms. You do not a choose a website, if your target audience aren’t there to visible to.  


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Since we are knee-deep in imagining that you are in a band, let’s stick with it until end, shall we. The gig is in a month and you already have people interested in going. In finding a venue, you do not opt for a space that doesn’t have what you need in order to play instruments. Choosing a grocery store, a fine dining restaurant or a boutique, doesn’t make sense for a hardcore heavy metal band.

Each social media platform tend to specialize in a certain type of content. For Instagram, it’s all about pictures and captions. On the other hand, Twitter is for being funny and pun-ny. It is important to match the type of content you plan to post with the platform you intend to post it in.

Determining the social media platforms to use for your brand, like organizing a gig, can be daunting. You run the risk of losing money and wasting your time if you don’t do it properly. Then again, even A-list musicians get a little help. Let us at Mostly Sunny be the little help that you need. Reach out to us today!

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