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Get Them To your Site: Top 15 Things You Can Do In Order to Drive Website Traffic

15 Secrets to Driving Epic Traffic

15 Secrets to Driving Epic Website Traffic

In this day and age, having zero online presence for your brand or business is basically suicide. Before buying anything, consumers start their search over the internet. In fact, 81% of shoppers gather info online first before settling on what to buy. However, having a beautiful and well-designed website is not enough. Your online home might look sleek and modern – but if there is no traffic – your efforts are rendered moot.

Driving people to your website can be daunting especially for those who aren’t familiar with the current landscape. We at Mostly Sunny understand your plight. We were once clueless about all things online marketing as well. We would like to help so scroll through to learn fifteen actionable plans you could implement in order to have people visiting your site!

As Always, Content is King

Whatever your niche is, there is bound to be another website online offering the same products and services. In order for your site to stand out, make sure it is filled with useful information. The last thing you want is for your online home to only be a glorified billboard.


However, Delivery is Also Important

Informational is one thing, engaging is another. Make sure that the text on your website is entertaining. Open with an anecdote or shift your tone in order to attract more devoted traffic.


Make Sure Your Topic is Relevant and Interesting

You can be the greatest writer in the world but if you insist on writing about dull subjects, it can be hard to attract visitors to your website. You can only do so much with a boring subject so be mindful of what you write about on your site.


Attract Visitors with an Incentive

People love free things so make it irresistible for them to visit your website. Be it free shipping or 20% off, this lil bit of casualty in your profit pales in comparison with the potential sales you would have with a loyal customer.


A Picture Beats a Wall of Text

Humans have a short attention span – about 8 seconds, which is 1 second less than a goldfish’s. You would want your content to stand out and be remembered.  Having a picture or a video accomplishes this.


Make it Easy For Visitors to Share Content on Social Media

If you make sure that your content is substantial, people would want to share them. Make sure it is easy for them to do so. This way a reader does the work for you.


Improve Load Time

Surely, you have had experienced this. You click on a link, it didn’t load after five seconds, you exited the tab. Do not let your website fall victim to this. Optimize and shorten the load time.


If You Allow Visitors to Comment on Your Website, Respond Thoughtfully

Engagement is a huge part of online marketing. Brands who interact with their customers develop a more loyal following. If a person comments, make sure that you respond with something substantial.


Consider Paid Strategy

You can only hack your website and social media accounts for free so much. Using paid strategies should not be your first recourse but it could be a great accompaniment to a well-thought-out campaign.


Tap the Help of Influencers

According to research, consumers no longer take cues from ads as much as they used to. They listen to individuals whom they trust regardless if they know them personally. With that said, working with digital influencers is key to driving traffic to your website. They already have a devoted fanbase. Working with them makes you privy to their followers as well.


Pick Relevant Influencers

It is however not about picking the influencer that has the most followers. Sure he or she might have a fanbase of 200,000 on Instagram but if he or she doesn’t align with your brand’s message, these 200,000 would not be converted into customers.


Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

If you have great products or services, people would write about them online. Do not be afraid to ask them to link back to your site.


Why Not Become an Influencer Too?

Tapping influencers to guest post on your website is an effective way to boost traffic. However, you can be an influencer too! Be open to collaboration, write a couple of articles for different blogs and get your website out there!


Measure, Analyze and Adjust

You must always be an active participant in your website. If you are in the midst of a campaign and you feel like it will fail, step in and adjust your tactics. Of course, there is a little bit of a learning curve, but you know a disaster when you see one so remain aware.


Be Patient, It is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Do not be discouraged if you do not hit your KPI’s the first time that you launch an online or influencer campaign. It takes time to see the results. What it is all about it not being discouraged and learning from your past campaigns.

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