Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Digital Influencers


Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Digital Influencers

You have probably seen it on your personal social media accounts. Brands working with influencers have been all the rage. Either they take over the brand’s Facebook or Twitter or they publish sponsored content on their own accounts, getting a popular Youtube beauty guru or a vlogger is an effective way to ramp up the visibility of your company.

Despite its popularity, working with influencers is a relatively new playing field. It can be tedious and daunting to figure out your gameplay. In order to navigate through touchy landmines, below are do’s and don’ts that you should consider:


Don’t Be Too Eager and Pushy


It understandable – you are excited. Getting to work with an influencer is something new that could possibly catapult your brand. However, your enthusiasm shouldn’t interfere with professionalism. Dealing with influencers is similar to any business transaction. It takes time for them to review a product or create a video for your brand. Give a realistic deadline and trust that they would deliver. It is, after all, a give and take.


Do Assume that the Influencers Would Want to Be Compensated


Most influencers, especially those at the top tier, no longer hold their day jobs. Being influential on social media is their main source of income and they treat it as jobs that need accomplishing. Assuming that you can get an influencer to work for free is quite honestly insulting. Sure, there is an option to exchange your goods and services – it is smart to work the kinks out before signing anything.


Don’t Send Generic Emails


Online celebrities often have aliases or usernames that they use. While it’s okay for their fans to address them as such, a brand reaching out to them and not doing any research beforehand seems careless. For an influencer, associating yourself with a brand that doesn’t seem to have their affairs in order is suicide for their livelihood. So, be mindful and diligent.


Do Try to Be Clear and Succinct


It is painful to use a cliche but it is appropriate. As they say, time is money. In reaching out to influencers, being clear about what you want from them and what your brand is like at the onset is smart. This way you get to vet those who are interested and those who are not. Not only are you mindful of the their time, you also save yourself a lot of trouble.

Influencer marketing has gained popularity in the last few years – and for good reason. To get a slice of the pie, the tips above would help you foster a lasting relationship with an online personality that fits with your brand’s message.

Have you ever tried to reach out to an influencer before reading this article and employing the help of Mostly Sunny? What would you have done differently with the new information in tow?

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