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Why Micro-Influencers Should Be Part of Your Marketing Budget?

Influencer marketing has been the toast of the town in the last year or so. It is cost effective and it is effective – for marketers there is no better combination. However, since the turn of the year, there seems to be a new concept that people are excited about. “Micro-influencers” is a buzzword that has gotten a lot of traction since early in 2017.

So what are micro influencers and what can they do for your business?

The definition for micro influencers isn’t clearly defined – at least not yet. The term after all is still new. However, micro influencers are usually personalities that have a very engaged audience of less than 20,000.

Interested yet skeptical? Below are ten reasons you should work with micro influencers for your brand?

They Cost Less Than Macro-Influencers

Influencers that have at least 500,000 followers tend to demand higher compensation and incentives than those with a smaller following. However, remember that a million uninterested leads is no match for 1,000 potential loyal customers.

They Create Great Content

Micro-influencers are the kings and queens of content creation. So if you need content for your website, it only makes sense to work with them.

Use Multiple Avenues to Engage More People

If you are still at the onset of your influencer marketing strategy, targeting multiple platforms to reach more people should be your first recourse. With a small budget, you simply cannot do that with macro influencers.

While Small, Their Following is Loyal and Engaged

Because micro influencers have a smaller fanbase, they have the ability to interact with them online. This interaction has a great and lasting effect to the followers. So much so that they take heed from the influencers especially with their buying choices.

They Are True to Their Brand

Micro influencers tend to be deeply grateful for their communities. They remain sincere and available for events, interviews and online replies. While macro influencers can be sincere as well, it can be very difficult to reply to 300 comments every day.

They Are Great To Work With

Micro influencers have more time to interact with brands that want to work with them. They respond to emails promptly and are more willing to try out of the box methods.

If You Run a Smaller Company, Micro Influencers are Where it’s At

A smaller company usually does not have the budget to work with the likes of Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid. While they do have the reach and the following, investing too much on a macro influencer might not result to ROI.

Engage a Niche Audience

In influencer marketing, relevance trumps reach. Micro influencers usually become popular in a small tight niche that listens to their suggestions.

Digital Consumers Listen to Individuals

People are getting more and more savvy when it comes to the things that they purchase and the brands that they patronize. After all, they have the power to deliberate and take in information. No longer are they dependent on ads as their main source of information.

Traditional Marketing is Slowly Becoming Obsolete

Opting for traditional means of marketing like banner ads or commercials is expensive and less effective than what they used to be. Ads are untargeted and they are often ignored. You are better off spending your marketing budget on a person that has the influence on possible loyal customers.

Influencer marketing is new, but micro influencers are even newer. Sure, it is daunting. But the reasons above surely makes the method irresistible.

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