We are seeking a professional; detail oriented Executive Assistant for an influencer marketing company in Los Angeles. Ideal candidates must have thick skin, be direct, and very driven. This position is heavy administrative and will include everything from scheduling appointments, drafting proposals, and posting on social media. In addition, duties will include calendar management, meeting prep, day to day planning and organizing, and more. Must be passionate about social media, digital media, or similar and have experience working for at least one year in a similar field as an Executive Assistant. The ideal candidate for this role is calm, extremely organized, grounded, and forward thinking.

Must be a strategic thinker, a skilled communicator, process-oriented, resourceful, and have a positive attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ to get the job done!

You should have a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to establish yourself long-term within the company. You should be highly self-motivated and ready to prove that you can take on any new training or task tossed your way. Please note that your technical competencies will be trained to ensure that you can perform according to our company’s standards.

We are a growing team with a work hard / play hard culture. We love having fun on the job. A sense of humor, social media knowledge, extremely strong verbal and written skills, and an eye for fashion/aesthetics and Pop Culture is a MUST!


– Fluency in written English

– Able to work from 8am-6pm Pacific Standard Time in the U.S. Monday through Friday

– Personal laptop

– Mic and Headset for clients and internal calls

– Quiet workspace

– Internet with minimum 15MB download and 5MB upload speed

– Experience with G-Suite (Sheets, Docs, etc)

– Able to follow step-by-step directions

What you’ll do:

Majority of your tasks would consist of:

  • operations (administrative duties)
  • Outreach (Respond to incoming leads)
  • research (managing outsourced virtual assistants)
  • social media (responding to comments, creating captions, selecting images, nurturing relationships with influencers, asking for permission to repost influencers content and pre-scheduling posts).


  • Coordinate executive communications, including responding to emails
  • Prepare internal and external corporate documents for team members
      • completing Backgrounders and distributing it the assigned internal team
      • Completing the “New Client Welcome Package”
  • Schedule meetings, and appointments and manage travel itineraries
  • Managing calendars
      • Book meetings for the CEO and executive team members
      • Pre-scheduling reminder emails at 7 am of the same day of the meeting and/or conference calls
  • Booking the Listening room at Neuehouse for in-person appointments
  • Booking regular conference rooms for internal meetings at NeueHouse
  • Creating Agendas and distributing to assigned parties
  • Writing notes during meetings
  • Updating Clearslide after meetings with meeting/client notes
  • Maintaining an organized electronic filing system via Google Suite
  • Answer chats on website
  • Submit Daily Reports and Weekly Recaps
      • Who contacted us
        • Who responded / who did Not responded and needs follow up from an Account Executive
        • Which leads were qualified / unqualified
        • Who opened emails & the # times
        • Who clicked on proposals and cap deck including the # of times they view and what slides they viewed the most on Clearslide
  • Uphold a strict level of confidentiality
  • Develop and sustain a level of professionalism among staff and clientele
  • Training, supervising, and managing Virtual Assistant support
  • Customer relations as required such as
      • sending paperless post cards to clients and prospective clients during the holidays, birthday, events
      • Inviting fresh/ current prospects and lost prospects to events at Neuehouse

Outreach & Inbound Leads

  • Create tasks via Hubspot
  • Creating follow-up sequences via Hubspot
  • Maintaining and updating the pipeline on Hubspot Deals
  • Update Hubspot Deal with notes (copy and paste backgrounder to Hubspot notes
  • Qualify Incoming Leads
      • Send email template thanking lead for contacting us and requesting them to fill out Help Us Help You Questionnaire via Hubspot sequence
        • Notify Sales if no response after 2 days and include them in daily and weekly report

Research / Lead Gen

  • Submit and/or instruct researchers to email outreach list via Hubspot
  • Please note who unsubscribes in weekly reports
  • Ensure research, data entry and team knows how to use Hubspot
      • Weekly: Select 3 example brands for data research team to gather contact list and research similar brands
        • Perform quality assurance to make sure they are doing their job and not just adding unrelated brands to get paid
        • You need to ensure that the outsource researcher fully understands and knows what type of brands we are looking for (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, luxury) visually and can get an idea if they can afford our services

Social Media

  • Ask influencers if Mostly Sunny can repost their content
  • Ask influencers for an interview on Mostly Sunny’s Blog
  • Pre-schedule content on Hootsuite
  • Respond to comments on Mostly Sunny’s social media accounts via Hootsuite