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About Working With A Local Advertising Agency

Local Advertising 101

What exactly is Local Advertising?

Local Advertising is essentially small business advertising. It’s a practice of advertising on powerful media outlets with high credibility, authenticity and quality content to shape and influence consumers in a hyper-targeted area.  Still unclear? Check out this video explainer:

What are the most popular industries/categories for local advertising?

Nielsen’s Return On Ad Spend Study found that the highest earned media value for every dollar spent was in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Food, Retail/Apparel and Tourism/Travel. These are not necessarily the most popular categories, but because they are the best performing, marketers in these industries are more likely to invest in local advertising campaigns. However, here at Mostly Sunny help businesses – large or small – with regional or local marketing needs.  View our industry list.

What is Mostly Sunny?

Mostly Sunny is a local advertising agency that delivers access to the most prestigious national media brands to companies with regional or local marketing needs. In a nutshell, we make media buying and planning as easy and affordable as possible.

How is Mostly Sunny able to offer ads at such affordable rates?

Mostly Sunny leverages the buying power of thousands of local businesses to negotiate the lowest possible rates with our media providers.  Our super And with no efficient processes keeps costs low.

Why is there a limited quantity of each ad type?

With some types of media, there is simply a fixed number of impressions or spots available. With other types, like national magazines, it’s about maintaining the reader experience. While these magazines are delighted to offer local exposure, they don’t want so many local ads that the character of their media is altered.

What is the difference between advertorials and traditional ads?

Advertorials are paid advertisements that appear in newspapers, magazines and online as columns or articles designed to look like editorial copy. Marketers purchase advertorials to educate and entertain readers, as well as promote a product or service. The advertorial is used to connect with readers through story, unlike a traditional print ad or website banner ad that uses limited space to hard pitch a call to action.

An advertorial should fit the voice, style and layout of the publication within which it’s placed. Publications and websites, by law, must include a notice or indication that an advertorial or sponsored post online is actually an advertisement. Still, many advertorials, especially in print, include headlines, captioned photos, quotes from experts and even writer bylines to establish credibility with readers.

Is local advertising appropriate for every brand?

If you have a hyper-targeted audience that’s on online or offline, local advertising can work for your brand. There are, of course, some cases that are more challenging than others but with the right tools and expertise, any local advertising campaign can be a success. If you want to do a local advertising campaign but don’t know if it suits your brand, sit down with a local advertising professional and they will help you put together the perfect strategy for you. The beauty of local advertising is that you can tailor your advertising and hyper-target your audience to fit your company’s needs and objectives.

Selecting Media Outlets

Are large national coverage/impressiosn the only thing you need to be consider?

Local Advertising is all about quality, not quantity. Although national coverage at first-glance is optimal, it is extremely expensive. Companies with local and regional needs can saturate the market in areas that matter using prestigious media that is far more effective.

What should I look for in a media outlet?

There are a few things that make a great media brands stand out like a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios. At Mostly Sunny, we have found the best advertising strategies for small businesses is local advertising.  Small Businesses generally overlook National Publications because they are perceived as extremely expenses. However, local advertising, we are able to reduce pricing over 90%.  These prestigious publications have an extremely engaged audience and sometimes the ability to focus on very specific, local areas.

Look for media outlets that are engaging with their audiences, are authentic and have a personal brand, have credibility in their category and a loyal following. These are the metrics that will set a good publication apart from a great one. Learn more about our publication partners: Our Publication List.

What are some ‘red flags’ when looking for small business advertising agency?

When looking for a small business local advertising agency there are a few ‘red flags’ that should turn you away from working with an agency. First, look for case studies and see case studies that are similar to your industry

Next, take a look at the team page and check out their experience.

Lastly, avoid working with agencies who haven’t established a personal brand. If there is no consistency in the type of work they produce, they lose credibility.

How often should a small business advertise on print and online?

We’ve all seen the huge companies — Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola. Their budgets are big; their pockets are full; and their marketing is on-point. Some people are just so lucky, right? WRONG. It’s not luck that makes these companies successful — it’s consistency in advertising. There’s a formula that contributes to their success, consistency.

Consistency is a big word, and rightfully so. This one word has a huge impact when we look at how it relates to branding, marketing, and advertising within your business. No matter what your budget may be, you can’t afford to ignore being consistent. Refraining from executing this will hinder the growth, and possibly survival, of your business.

The ad frequency of an influencer depends on their category and primary platform. For example, the ad frequency for digital is much higher when compared to print. The average post frequency on digital 10,000+ impressions a day. This is massive compared to the average 1 per month for print. This is due to the time and effort that goes into a ad on each given platform.

How do I find media outlets?

There are two ways to find and pay for digital and print: by manually digging through the world wide web, often through publication’s site, or by using a trustworthy agency. With Mostly Sunny, our  media experts can search based on keywords and refine the search using target audience filters. When looking at the media profiles, analyze the audience and engagement metrics to select media outlets that are aligned with your company objectives.

How do I pick a publication that will resonate with my target market?

Making a clear outline of your objectives as a brand is always the best way to start a campaign. When you have clear objectives, the right publications and media outlets will jump out at you. For example, if your objective is to increase sales amongst business owner, look for a publication with an engaged and loyal social following that responds well to previous branded content. Or, if your objective is to increase brand awareness, look for an publication that has a large social following in your target area to increase your reach potential.

Above all, when identifying media outlets, take an audience-centric approach. This goes beyond audience demographics. Local Advertising makes it possible to target a more niche and specific market. Take advantage of this and define your target market based on their interests and lifestyles, then look for media outlets that publish content that would resonate those lifestyles, interests and demographics. For example, if your target market is interested in active living, a publication that posts about hiking, nutrition or fitness may have a following of people interested in your product.

The Campaign

Do I receive a Proof Of Performance?

Publication Ad: You will receive 2 checking copies in the mail upon publication. Additional copies are available for purchase. Plus… You will receive an “as advertised in” display sign with your first placement.

Online Ads: You get updates on how many times your ad has been seen, how many people have clicked on it, plus demographic info on the audience your ad is reaching and more.

TV Ads: You will receive a campaign summary within 60 days of your ads airing.

Are there any advertisement restrictions?

Magazine specific restrictions

  • Town & Country – no jewelers
  • Bloomberg Businessweek – no education
  • Oprah – no weight loss or travel
  • Travel & Leisure – sensitive to local travel clients. Please send support for approval. We need to get approval before any travel clients are sold.

ONLY Card Link Program (free website advertisement to increase on-site sells at brick and motor stores) – list of business categories that are restricted

 Healthcare  Financial Products  Legal Services  Political Organizations  Court/fines/bail bonds  Tobacco  Gambling  Firearms  Funeral services  Dating/escort  Massage parlors  Religious organizations  Direct Marketing-Travel-Related Arrangement Services  Direct Marketing-Outbound Telemarketing Merchants, Outbound telemarketers  Direct Marketing-Inbound Telemarketing Merchants  Direct marketing – subscription merchants  Infomercial merchants  Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks  Online/Internet Gambling  Drug Stores (other than national brick and mortar chains (e.g. CVS, Walgreens)),  Pharmacies  Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, Druggist Sundries  Internet pharmacies  Internet pharmacy referral sites  Online Cigarette Sale  Buyers clubs/membership clubs  Credit counseling or credit repair services  Credit protection/identity theft protection  Multi-level marketing businesses  Rebate-based businesses  Merchants that have sale of counterfeit or trademark infringing products or services including, but not limited to: o Illegal downloads of movies, music, computer and video games, or software o Counterfeit pharmaceutical products o Counterfeit tobacco products (e.g., cigarettes, cigars) o Counterfeit designer goods  Merchants that allow purchase or trade of, photographs, video imagery, computer- generated images, cartoons, simulation or any other media or activities, including, but not limited to: o Adult Entertainment o Child pornography o Bestiality o Rape (or any other non-consensual sexual behavior) o Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part  Merchants engaged in illegal activity (i.e. illegal gambling, illegal pharmaceutical merchants, illegal cigarette sales)  Other regulated products or merchants as determined by Mostly Sunny from time to time

Card Link Program may update this schedule from time to time upon notice to Company

What are the most effective advertising to increase ROI / ROA?

There is not one, almighty, advertising method that trumps all others. The most effective ads are personal to their audience and and the category they are in. Industries in visual categories like interior design or digital arts do great to more visual ads like magazine ads. Magazines have the highest ROAS of any media! Nielsen’s Media Research reviewing TV, Radio, Magazines, Billboards and online Display Advertising shows that when it comes to Return On Advertising Spend, magazines almost 2x all other media channels.

The most effective platform is the one that best caters to your audience and best displays your content.

What's meant by Materials Date?

The Materials Date is when your final ad must be received by Mostly Sunny. Materials must be submitted before 9 AM PM EST of  1 week prior to closing date.

How do I submit my ad creative?

Simply upload your ad on the Your Orders page by selecting an open order and clicking the Upload New Ad button. If you’d like to use an ad you’ve already uploaded, just choose Select From Previous Ads.

Can Mostly Sunny assist me in redesigning, reformatting or creating my ad?

While we are not a creative firm and don’t offer copywriting or photography services, we’re happy to help you compose your existing materials or use stock content into an ad for a production fee of $300. Simply open the order you’d like help with in Open Orders and choose Need Help With This Ad? Please be sure to begin this process at least 72 hours before the Materials Date.

Can Mostly Sunny assist me in redesigning, reformatting or creating my ad?

While we are not a creative firm and don’t offer copywriting or photography services, we’re happy to help you compose your existing materials or use stock content into an ad for a production fee of $300. Simply open the order you’d like help with in Open Orders and choose Need Help With This Ad? Please be sure to begin this process at least 72 hours before the Materials Date.

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

You can cancel an order anytime up to 9:00 am EST 45 day prior to the closing date. Simply select the open order you wish to cancel in Your Orders and click Cancel Order. If the item has already been paid for, a refund will be issued.

Can I change my creative after it has been uploaded and confirmed?

Yes, simply return to the open order in Your Orders and upload a new ad. New creative can be uploaded anytime before 11:59 pm EST and 1 week prior to the Materials Date.


When do I pay for my ads?

For the ads you are purchasing with a closing date within 45 days, you will be charged in full at checkout. If the closing date is more than 45 days away, your payment will be processed on the 45 days prior of the month that the media closes.

Am I able to update my payment method later for future media that I'm reserving today?

You can easily edit your credit card information under Your Account. And if your credit card is expiring before a future payment is due, you will be automatically notified in time to update it.

Is a Local Advertising campaign expensive?

Local Advertising works because it is adaptable based on your budget. It is appealing to many marketers because of the cost efficiency compared to more national advertising campaigns and strategies. Your objectives, timeline, industry, the type of audience you are looking to engage with, and the amount of time you are able to dedicate to your campaign are all factors that contribute to your overall cost. Budgeting for anLocal Advertising campaign is a lot like ordering frozen yogurt, the more toppings you get, the more it will cost. Working with a media planning professional can help create a campaign that will meet your objectives and still stay within your budget.

What is the ROI in which you can expect from a Local Advertising campaign?

Nielsen Research Group, the prominent media research company, recently released a study showing Magazines’ ads have almost 2x ROI on all other media, including TV and online.Now that’s a bang for your buck! Click here to read the report from Nielsen

Still Not Convinced?

Why should I use local advertising over national advertising?

The real question is, why shouldn’t you?

Nielsen Research Group, the prominent media research company, recently released a study showing Magazines’ ads have almost 2x ROI on all other media, including TV and online. Click here to read the report from Nielsen

Now that’s a bang for your buck!

What are the benefits of running an influencer marketing campaign?

There are countless benefits to running an influencer marketing campaign. First and foremost, influencer marketing campaigns are built around trust. According to a study done by Neilson, 92% of consumers say the most trusted source of information is from someone we know. Although we may not personally know the influencers we follow on social media, we watch their life unfold via social media and we are able to relate to them on a personal level.

The second benefit of Influencer Marketing campaigns is Reach. Influencers are getting bigger by the minute, which means the potential for your branded content to be seen by your target market is increasing dramatically. Third, the alternative marketing avenues are becoming less and less effective. 86% of people skip TV commercials, 44% of direct mail is never opened and 91% of people have unsubscribed from company emails they previously opted to. (Source: Business2Community).

Finally, and most important to many brands, money. As previously mentioned, the ROI for influencer marketing is on average $15 for every dollar spent on Influencer Marketing. (Source: eMarketer). To find out more benefits of running an Influencer Marketing campaign, you’ll just have to try it for yourself!

Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming an influencer marketing expert! To learn more about influencer marketing, keep up with the latest trends, and see what’s cooking at Mostly Sunny, subscribe to our Influencer Marketing Blog or SCHEDULE A TIME to speak with an influencer marketing expert.

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