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Join our MOSTLY SUNNY's collective of talented influencers. Join The 50,000+ Social Influencers In Our Network. Create authentic, custom content for global brands you adore.

Why Join

Work With Globally Recognized Brands

We'll pitch or market you to potential clients based on our clients marketing needs. Our influencer briefs are created according to these client needs, and you use our platform to accept or decline depending on who you are passionate about collaborating with.


Expand Your Portfolio

Work on assignments that enhance your client portfolio. Start creating exclusive custom content for globally recognized brands

Select Projects of Interest

Projects for clients tailored to your skills and location. Mostly Sunny is ready to assist you in your growth and success as an influencer.

Simple To Join

Our Account Managers makes landing assignments easy. We’ll send assignments based on your skills, locations, categories, demographic and psychographic data.

Create + Grow

Create high quality custom content for brands. We work with world-class brands to create influencer briefs that fit their marketing needs and your data and skills.

How To Apply

Mostly Sunny is looking for out-of-this-world influencers to
develop exceptional content that fit’s our clients visual and marketing needs.


Fill out an application to sign up to apply to become an influencer in our network. Fill out your profile clearly and accurately to receive the most accurate categories assigned to you.

Social Profile Review

Once you apply, your social media account and portfolio goes to our Quality Assurance and Portfolio Review team for review and to be given categories. You will then be assigned an account manager.

Receive Projects

Once your social media account has been approved, you can start receiving access to assignments and influencer/creative briefs! These will be sent based on the information you provide in your application along with the insight provided by our AI technology.

How It Works

You apply for a project, receive approval and accept the terms and conditions of a project. Next, let the fun begin and start creating authentic yet inspirational content.

If you are traveling to any destination, update your calendar to let us know and we’ll do our best to get you bookings. We also do quarterly destination trips, apply prior to the deadline. Projects vary from simple hour assignments, to high-production assignments involving a team. You only opt in for the assignments you can complete and adhere to requirements. There’s no commitment when joining our collective, giving you the creative freedom to select projects based on your interests and availability.

Who We Help?

Nano Influencers | Micro Influencers  |   Power-Middle Influencers  |    Macro Influencers   |   Mega Influencers    |   Social Celebrities   

What Types of Brands Will I Be Working with?
  • Consumer Packaged Good
  • Animal & Pets
  • Fashion
  • Health & Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Alcohol
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Luxury
  • Travel Destination
  • Nonprofit
Our contributors are:
  • Storytellers who use their lenses to portray a client’s vision.
  • Influencers who produce engaging stories that a brand’s audience will believe in.
  • Influencers who seek flexibility and contract arrangements that fit into their schedules.

All just a click away from joining* the Mostly Sunny Collective!

Nano Influencers


Micro Influencers


Power Middle Influencers


Macro Influencers


Social Celebrities



AI Vetted Influencers


Influencers Across the United States & Canada



We Help With…


Our team of experienced negotiators take care of incoming inquires for you which ensures that you always get the best deal possible whilst remaining completely in control of who you work with.


You’ve built up a large following online but don’t know where to go from here?

We will work with you to build a sustainable and achievable plan for the next chapter of your career.


We’ve always got multiple projects on the go which means we’re always building influencer campaigns. By working with us you’re putting yourself in the right place at the right time.


We’ve spent time developing our network of creators and publishers which saves you a lot of time and helps you to grow your own professional network.

Work With Us

Join our Influencer Network and collaborate with Brands of your dreams! Let’s get creative. Let’s launch influencer programs no one’s ever thought of before. Let’s take “trending” to the next level. We’re in the business of building great relationships with influencers. Sign up today!
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